Keeping rail signals powered is mission critical.
An AMI fuel cell is a dependable backup power source that can ensure critical sensors run with zero downtime.
When power to a traffic system fails, safety and infrastructure fail, costing time, money and lives.
Soldier power, when they need it and where they need it most.

Ultra Electronics AMI

Ultra Electronics, AMI designs, tests and manufactures the future of portable power: solid oxide fuel cell technology. Ultra Electronics, AMI is committed to providing dependable portable fuel cell power using readily accessible fuel that takes you into the wild or into combat.

Ultra Electronics, AMI's solid oxide fuel cell power systems have been proven reliable in field testing for military, leisure and emergency use. Prepare to enter a wider world; flexible fuel cell technology will provide the exact solution you require.

Ultra Electronics, AMI is proud to be part of Ultra Electronics Holdings plc, the high technology defense, security, transport and energy Group employing over 4,000 people around the world.